Introduce our New High Performance Cloud Hosting Powered by OpenStack Platform

We, from GB Network Solutions are extremely thrilled to announce that we are launching a new product on the new year, 1st of January 2022! Our very own high performance Cloud Hosting service powered by OpenStack, GB CLOUD.

What is GB Cloud?

GB Cloud is the cloud services with reliable and high performance OpenStack cloud platform to help you grow and maximize your business. We have 4 types of Cloud Hosting plans starting from Cloud HDD, Cloud SSD, Cloud NVMe and Cloud Cluster. Our unique ordering and deployment process allows you to quickly modify and create your instances, allowing you to get your service up and operating in a matter of seconds! Our cloud platform with high-availability capabilities also aids you in maximizing uptime and availability.

GB Cloud Features

GB Cloud offers you excellent performances and features! Our OpenStack public cloud is ideal for a variety of applications. Please allow us to meet your project’s requirements!

Deploy Servers In Split Seconds
  • Our Cloud Hosting is deployed in less than 45 seconds. With incredibly fast boot times.
High & Consistent Performance
  • All cloud servers are installed on corporate hardware. Together with our proprietary storage.
Automate Your Cloud
  • Our easy-to-use control panel and API make it easier to code and manage your infrastructure.
Constant Server Monitoring
  • With our proactive notifications, you can sleep soundly. Thanks to resource monitoring.
Fast & Flexible Scaling
  • Deploy Simple Plan or independently configure each resource, including CPU, RAM, Storage and IP addresses.
Simple but Powerful API
  • Manage cloud hosting with our fully-functioning APIs which allow you to create.
Smart Backup Security & Firewall
  • Use our highly configurable firewall to secure your environment, allowing or blocking traffic.
Data Loss Smart Backups
  • Make smart, incremental backups, whereby only the new and edited files are added to your backup.
Managed Infrastructure
  • If you prefer to do the labor yourself, we’ll help you get set up and be there whenever you need us.
What plan do we offer?


  • Most efficient and cost-effective choice for most cases.
  • Significantly faster and has more predictable performance than HDD
  • Low risk of data loss due to no moving parts unlike HDD
  • Price start from $3.00
  • Order Now


  • Latest Cloud storage.
  • Highest performance and lower power consumption
  • Designed to capitalize on the low latency and internal parallelism of solid-state storage devices.
  • Fastest data transfer and up to 60x better IOPS performance than SSD.
  • Price start from $4.00
  • Order Now


  • Most affordable cloud storage
  • Appropriate for very large data sets that are accessed regularly
  • Non-volatile, HDD can retrieve data. Which ensures the safety and security of your computer’s data.
  • Price start from $3.00
  • Order Now

Check out our YouTube video to learn how to place an order:

Special Launch Promotion!

It’s simple! You only need to sign up, add at least $5 in Cloud Credit and get an extra 35% Cloud Credit with promo code GBCLOUD35.

In other words, add $10 and we will give you $3.50 in credit. Add $20 and we give you $7. Add $100, you get $35, and so on.

If you already have an account, add credit and open a ticket to us and mention GBCLOUD35. Our team will assist in the next step.

Important Notes:
  • Matching credit will be added within 24 hours
  • Limited to one use per customer
  • Does not apply for moving general account credit to GB Cloud

Visit our website for more information:

You got a question?

Get in touch with us via live chat or submit a ticket at Or Call us at (+603)-8686-5540

Do follow all of GB Cloud social media accounts for the amazing update! We look forward to your generous support too! 


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