GB Cloud Features

GB Cloud

GB Cloud offers you excellent performances and features! Our OpenStack public cloud is ideal for a variety of applications. Please allow us to meet your project’s requirements!

GB Cloud Features

Deploy Servers In Split Seconds

  • Our Cloud Hosting are deployed in less than 45 seconds. With incredibly fast boot times
GB Cloud Features

High & Consistent Performance

  • All cloud servers are installed on corporate hardware. Together with our proprietary storage.
GB Cloud Features

Automate Your Cloud

  • Our easy-to-use control panel and API make it easier to code and manage your infrastructure.
GB Cloud Features

Constant Server Monitoring

  • With our Proactive notifications, you can sleep soundly. Thanks to resource monitoring.
GB Cloud Features

Fast & Flexible Scaling

  • Deploy Simple Plan or independently configure each resource, including CPU , RAM, Storage and IP addresses
GB Cloud Features

Simple but Powerful API

  • Manage Cloud Hosting with our fully-functioning APIs which allow you to create.
GB Cloud Features

Smart Backup Security & Firewall

  • Use our highly configurable firewall to secure your environment , allowing or blocking traffic.
GB Cloud Features

Data Loss Smart Backups

  • Make smart, incremental backups, whereby only the new and edited files are added to your backup.
GB Cloud Features

Managed Infrastructure

  • If you prefer to do the labor yourself, we’ll help you get set up and be there whenever you need us.

Why choose GB Cloud Hosting?

  • Simple Interface.
    • Take advantage of a straightforward interface that grants access to all tools on a web-based console.
      • User-Friendly and Manageable
        • Navigation is seamless through our fuss-free console, which provides an extensive list of OpenStack services readily available in one place.
  • IT Infrastructure.
    • You can centrally manage core services including Intranet, Email and applications, making them accessible to people in different locations in a networked environment.
      • Adaptability in Modification
        • User able to customize and choose any preferences and resources that match your personal choices.
  • Pay-Per-Use-Pricing.
    • Our Cloud Plans are being charge based on Pay-Per-Use basis, which is by hourly, monthly cost estimation.
      • Flexible Billing Payment
        • We offer a flexible Billing Payment that user can access without any hassle.
  • Instance to Expandable.
    • With our Cloud Plans, users can modify the resources of your server in just one minute based on increasing business requirements such as RAM, storage, and CPU.
      • Fast Upgrade
        • Easily select your preferred resources in our system in just a few minutes and fast to upgrade.

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